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An entrepreneurial drama teacher buys a mysterious black obelisk off of kajiji for 50 bucks. (For this years production of 2001 a space odessy) The obelisk melts together our own prime material plane with a fantasy world seemingly at random. Dragons pour out of holes in the sky, litches and stone giants roam free, and our knowledge of fantasy games seems to be giving us the best fighting chance to stop it.

Edmonton will not fall to the monsters.

Or will it…

As it turns out the world we knew is no more its open season on of our planet as a group of intergalactic powers from beyond time and space are arguing for who will lay claim to earth. The party is seemingly helpless to stop them… unless they can play matchmaker with the gods. Nethys is the only God strong enough to help our hero’s now but is seemingly too crazy to do so. The party will attempt to set up Nethys with Gorum the god of battle in hopes that love will conquer all. They only have a few days to do so…

Home Page

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